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A new kind of cat…

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Setting: Forest.
Rating: Probably M at the most, but I doubt it.
Characters: Any of our Rp’ers are welcome 🙂

Lilith yawned, stretching the long legs as she got up. Her dark fur nearly making her invisible in the darkness of the den if it weren’t for her green, gleaming eyes she would have been merely a shadow. She walked calmly out of her den into the fading sunlight and purred. She loved to hunt, but first she needed to find her pet snake.

With a gasp of beautiful, delicious pain, she slowly transformed into a beautiful red haired woman. She was naked and as she rose, it seemed that the night cloaked and clothed her, for when she opened her eyes a thin black dress and veil shrouded her appearance.

‘Kali, my pretty, come to me, it’s time to play.’ she whispered into the twilight, watching for her snake, which she knew would come. It didn’t take long, (but then it never did) as Lilith stretched a large black python came out of the thicket and wound its way up Lilith as if she were a pole. Lilith grinned and petted its head.

‘Good evening Kali,’ she purred as the snake further coiled itself around her, she was in no danger, Lilith knew that much. ‘Have we had any guests while I napped, dearest?’

Kali shook her head at Lilith but then paused – ‘We might have, Mistress. I could smell something…’

Lilith smiled, she may just get to have her fun tonight.


Written by Stephanie

September 25, 2006 at 6:44 pm

Petals and Thorns; about.

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This website, blog or whatever you wish to call it is the home to a select few RP’ers. We’re not newbs, n00bs or anything of the sort and most have been RP’ing for years. We’re the old farts, if you like.

While some (though most of us don’t) still maintain a presence on full RP’ing games or site, the majority of us can’t find good, soild games.

As there will be several authors in this, and joining is by invitation only, there is a catorgory for each member. i.e. The person typing this is aniraangel, so plus any normal catorgories it’s in it is also in one called !aniraangel.

There will be more information on how this site is going to work on the about page

Please have a look around, but there isn’t much up yet I’m afraid.

I would also like to note that this is TEXT role playing, not WoW or anything of the sort, nor is it COS.

Written by Stephanie

September 19, 2006 at 7:14 am